I’m Allegra Warfield. I was born in Baltimore descending from a family who governed Maryland since the early years of the United States. The Warfield history heralds a broad swath of politicians, authors, war heroes, governors, a speed skier turned Everest hang glider, and one seductress of a king (although most Warfield’s don’t claim the Duchess viewing her as trailer-trash-reprehensible). “And I’m the result of the twisted eugenics of this family of inbred schizophrenics” as the old Danny Kaye sang.

I have fond memories of my early childhood in Baltimore.   My father ran The Daily Record, a legal publication started by my great, great, grandfather who was the 45th Governor of Maryland. My mother spent her days doting over me.   She made sure I never left the house without a bow bigger than my head and a hair not out of place while shuffling me from ballet to piano and tennis lessons.

If normalcy existed it existed in Baltimore. In 1994 my father sold the newspaper.  We moved to Baltimore’s antithesis, Palm Beach. Moderation and regulation did not apply living on an island surrounded by excess.  Our lives became consumed by atavistic desires; I lacked stability and unity. By the ninth grade I escaped the chaos and matriculated to Milton Academy, a top liberal arts prep school in Boston, where I developed a strong sense of independence and a proclivity towards entrepreneurship, rebellion, and gumption. I first turned to crime on Christmas while home from my freshman year. Hacking into my father’s AOL account unfortunately resulted in a bitter divorce between my parents. It also created the foundation for my first company, Guys and Lies, an information services website.

After Milton I landed a trained internship in security analysis at a small, now defunct hedge fund. Soon after Studley, a national tenant advisory firm, hired me as a real estate advisor at the age of 22. After Studley I moved to New York City where I worked as a consultant to Hertz improving production efficiencies using Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma techniques. On the side I partnered with a friend from boarding school and developed a business plan and financial forecast for a “next gen” native mobile app using social networking tools to facilitate the introduction of community events to users. Using a SMS platform an interactive service was built allowing users to find new things about their community or be introduced to new people. I marked every success with massive attempts at destruction. By my mid-20’s I was battling demons in the forms of depression, addiction, and bad relationships. No longer able to carry on a professional life, I retired to Palm Beach, a fertile ground for the intellectually laziest, where my most self-defeating tendencies ran amok.  Desperately seeking attention and proof that I mattered, I made some horrifying mistakes very public via my association with a pretentious (never produced thankfully due to my mental breakdown) Bravo reality show.  My life collapsed.

By 28 drastic and spontaneous change was required. I moved to Southern California. With a lot of hard work, passion, patience and dedication, I began dealing with programming gone bad from the beginning. I erased my hard drive, reformatted disks and upgraded my life. I became a traveler on the path of human optimization. I have spent every moment in the past three years transforming my inner workings through daily experimentation with diet, exercise, yoga, meditation, breath work, therapy, and studying parapsychology, metapsychology, and occultism. I am addicted to uncovering the tools, technology and ethos to live life at the bleeding edge of my potential.

The way out … is in. My journey has been electrified leading me from a place of darkness to one of much joy and light with a deep spirituality. Acting from wonder over fear has transformed my life. I believe we’re all capable of this and my desire is to be with and help others on the path of self-actualization.